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Our Philosophy
Our basic philosophy in which our programs are built is that while we all may differ in size, gender, body composition, age and shape, our body's basic nutrition and physical needs for optimal life do not. It doesn't matter if you are 3 feet or 6 feet tall, if you weigh 150lbs or 300lbs, are 15% or 40% body fat, if you carry your fat in your abdominal area or your lower body, or if you are 18 or 75 years old. 

The human body functions the same and requires the same nutrients for optimal life. This lifestyle change is not a short term diet nor is it about counting calories. It is one that nourishes your body, preserves muscle mass yet starves your fat cells. Most importantly, it is about FUELING YOUR BODY to support all working systems of the body.

When it comes to exercise, we all need it to keep our bones and muscles strong to maintain independence in daily activities for as long as possible. Both cardio and weight training are necessary to TRAIN FOR LIFE.

The goal of this plan is to adopt a healthy lifestyle that supports muscle, decreases body fat, reduces health risks and improves quality of life.

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  • Over the centuries, the human body has not changed. We all have bones, muscle, organs, skin, hair and blood running through our veins. Aside from genetics it is mostly our lifestyle choices  and environment that causes unfavorable results.
  • ​Nutrition is the catalyst for change. All foods/drinks effect your body positively or negatively. Today there are more food options than ever. Foods often labeled as healthy are not.
  • Exercise is the added bonus to a strong, fit body. Exercise can not undo a bad diet; therefore, it cannot be your sole means of weight loss or improved health.
  • Weight loss does not equal fat loss. Weight loss does not guarantee better health. Healthy eating and exercise  = weight loss, fat loss, increased muscle mass and better health for a longer life.
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